Welcome to Grass-trees and Butterfly Chairs

My name is Jason Davidson and I am a Registered Landscape Architect in Melbourne, Australia.  Landscape Architecture has been a passion of mine for a number of years and I am fortunate to have made a career of it (www.davidsondesignstudio.com.au)!

Mid Century Modern design became another passion when my wife and I purchased a 1956 architect designed home in Beaumaris, Victoria.  Beaumaris is a wonderful suburb by Port Phillip Bay and is characterised by its areas of conserved natural heathland, its beautiful stretch of foreshore and its wondrous collection of mid-century designed homes.

How Can I Help?

I believe that the many fantastic examples of mid-century modern homes throughout Melbourne (and Australia) can be enhanced by applying the same design philosophies to their gardens.

Through my passion for the landscape and also mid-century design I provide a detailed design and consultancy service to clients, and allow them to achieve the best from their home.

What is the Grass-trees & Butterfly Chairs Blog?

The Grass-trees Blog was created as an outlet for my passions of Landscape Architecture and Mid-Century Modern design.

By combining these two passions, I hope to bring to light the landscape and design values that have existed in Australia for many years and how these same principles can be applied in today’s gardens.

Please check out the Grass-trees Blog to get a better understanding of modernist landscapes and my own design philosophies.  I welcome your comments and opinions and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

What is the Next Step?

If you have a home and garden that you think could be improved through a thoughtful approach to modernist design then please contact me and we can begin the process!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Grass-trees and Butterfly Chairs

  1. My name is Joan Stamp and I would dearly like to get a copy of the Stampco poster you have on your blog. Are you able to help me find one to buy? I want it for a present for my daughter, as it was her great great great grandfather who started the business.


    1. Hi Joan,

      We don’t actually have a poster of the ad, but have scanned them from an original Women’s Weekly magazine. If you click on the actual image in the blog post about the ads you can save a hi-res image. It’s not perfect however. Otherwise I might be able to send you a larger file of the scan.

      Just send me an email through the “Click to Contact” button above right and I might be able to help!




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