Poolside gossip

It has been very quiet on the Grass-trees blog and for good reason.

The last few months have been consumed with the a life-time goal for us – the creation of our own landscape architecture office.

So with 2018 crashing through our door, we embark on an exciting new venture and provide landscape architecture expertise as Davidson Design Studio!

I recently had a chat with Alistair from Secret Design Studio, as he was very interested in what Davidson Design Studio could offer.

It was sort of a poolside chat, as best as we could do in and around our businesses, projects, families, Christmas, socialising, etc, etc, but it was great to really think about where our new company is headed.  It was also great to have the interest and support of Alistair, an architect we have collaborated with a number of times over the years.

So enough chit-chat, take yourself over to Secret Design Studio’s page and please enjoy our chat!

Secret Design Studio – Thinking about a mid-century garden that complements your mid-century home?


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