MCM Property of the Week | 7 Ward Street Beaumaris

Perched on ancient sand dunes above the bay, Beaumaris features wonderful undulations in its topography.  Combine that with stands of rolling Tea-tree, Banksia and Allocasuarina, and you have an environment that was just screaming its challenge to modern architects.

And the architects that built Beaumaris did not disappoint.  They embraced the land and its perfect imperfections.  New houses sat within their environment, rather than on it.

So through the gloom of winter, we see another beacon of light on the hill.  This stunning home embraces the undulations of its site, and in return provides another unique blend of Beaumaris mid-century house and garden to be passed on to new custodians.

Although rising with the natural slope of the land above the street, this home still sits unobtrusively behind a grove of native trees.  The solid brick forms of the driveway, fence and walls of the house are offset and complemented with fine metal balustrades that lead to the front door.


It is the natural materials that really stand out in this home.  The original timber panelling and cabinetry are stunning and flow throughout each room, the hallways and stairs.




The beautiful natural setting of the property is continuously on display throughout the home.



While some may see a sloping block as beyond them for maintenance, what it really offers is the opportunity to create exciting garden rooms.  The use of natural materials such as timber sleepers or bluestone will embrace any changes in garden level and the existing palette of natives can only be enhanced with a personal touch!


We can’t save them all, but I think this one is definitely worth the effort!

Mid-century marvel!. 4 bedrooms House for Sale. Contact Agent. 7 Ward Street Beaumaris Vic 3193. Listed by Hodges – Beaumaris. Features: Garage Spaces.

Source: 7 Ward Street Beaumaris Vic 3193 – House for Sale #125860174 –

The Next Step

And if you have a home and garden that you think could be improved through a thoughtful approach to modernist design then please contact me and we can begin the process!


2 thoughts on “MCM Property of the Week | 7 Ward Street Beaumaris

  1. Well, let us hope this home will survive the ‘knock it down and re-build’ contagion that is doing the rounds in Beaumaris right now. Every other day, there seems to be another home totally demolished and the gardens destroyed. So sad .


    1. It does get a little depressing walking the streets and seeing more and more moonscaped blocks. Hopefully word can get out about properties such as this one and they can be bought to be retained and restored.


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