MCM Property of the Week | 21 Wattle Avenue Beaumaris

In today’s built environment, where the ‘Knock-down and rebuild’ mentality is loudly advertised, it is refreshing to see the other side of the story.  Everyone’s favorite Mid-century loving website, Modernist Australia, has found a stunning example in Cheltenham and we have another here in Beaumaris!

A solid, well-built brick veneer home with a site specific layout that sits comfortably within its natural environment, updated and made to work for a 2017 lifestyle.

As you can see the front garden has been given a birthday and I admit that while I have walked passed this house many, many times, I have never even looked twice at it.  That is until now.


Following the common trends of recent renovations, the interiot is very white, however the structures beneath it all provide amazing potential for this home.


Timber windows and timber floor bring a bit of warmth back and there is always opportunity to brighten up the colour scheme with artwork, furnishings or even a splash of paint!


The backyard is a very straight forward layout with a modern entertaining deck and some interesting brick planter walls.  There is always room for adding your own green tinged touch, however!

The auction is this Saturday.  You couldn’t imagine someone spending the money on this just to knock it down, could you?

Why not give Leon or Ben at Gary Peer a call and take a look?

Source: 21 Wattle Avenue Beaumaris Vic 3193 – House for Sale #125522094 –


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