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Conservation is a hot topic at the moment.  Not only in Beaumaris, but throughout Melbourne.  Whether it’s a 159 year old, heritage listed pub or remnant heathland and 50-200 year old canopy trees, there appears to be continual and irreversible changes to our suburbs and environment.  These projects and sites raise many questions about heritage and what value should be placed on cultural or environmental significance.

In Beaumaris, the streets are filled with unique residential architecture from the 1950s and 1960s.  The suburb provides a wonderful snapshot into the work of young and inspired designers who were producing functional, beautiful and site specific homes for the every day Australian.  These homes sat within a wonderful environment of remnant Tea-tree and Eucalypts and defined modern Australia.

Over time many of these homes have been demolished, as contemporary architecture has evolved to keep up with our lifestyles, and there are many homes that are long past their use-by date.  Unfortunately there are also countless stunning, and still functional, mid-century homes that have been demolished.  Every amazing Beaumaris modernist home that is listed on the realestate market now comes with a feeling of trepidation that its time is short.

So where to from here?

Where do mid-century modern homes site in today’s realestate market?

What value should we place on history?

Fortunately there is a groundswell of support and appreciation of mid-century style and design at the moment.  Sites such as Modernist Australia, Beaumaris Modern and Secret Design Studio  carry the banner for celebration of our mid-century modern architecture and are wonderful references for anyone interested in buying their own piece of mid-century Australia.

And pleasingly our realestate agents, so often the target of our anger and disgust as mid-century homes are sold and developed, are embracing the character and history of these wonderful homes.

So when this stunning home at 19 Bellaire Court, Beaumaris came on the market, I was excited to see it being sold by Mathew Cox from Buxton.  When we were looking to sell our 1950s Beaumaris home two years ago, we went straight to Mathew.  We had sold previously with him and were very impressed with how he went about his work and the results he achieved for us.

As an old home, and one that we had put heart and soul into reviving, we would have hated to see it sold purely for land value and then demolished.  Fortunately, agents such as Mathew embrace the character and architecture of these homes and also see the popularity that they have in the current market.

It is no different with this home.

This is part of the stunning Bellaire Court, designed and built by Max Sachs the early 1960s.  Bellaire Court is a much celebrated location in Beaumaris.  The outer ring of homes are remarkably intact and largely unchanged from their original designs and they display a stunning example of mid-century modern architecture with ‘flat roofs, interesting floorplans, courtyards, swimming pools and good site orientation as well as new building techniques’ [via Beaumaris Modern].

Number 19 is no exception and is in stunningly original condition.  The courtyard design is on full display with bedrooms and living rooms opening onto the swimming pool terrace with full height window walls.  Timber elements such as Parquetry floors, original timber kitchen cabinets and wall units are a perfect contrast to the external brickwork.

A truly amazing example, and one of many stunning mid-century homes in Beaumaris.  While they are 50 years or more old, their designs and craftmanship are timeless.

It’s time to place value on history.

This is what makes Beaumaris unique.

19 Bellaire Court is up for Auction this Saturday so give Mathew a call.  It could be your piece of history!

“Mid-century Cool in an Exclusive Locale. 4 bedrooms House for Sale. Auction this Saturday at 2.30pm . 19 Bellaire Court Beaumaris Vic 3193. Listed by Buxton – Sandringham. Features: Carport Spaces.”

Source: 19 Bellaire Court Beaumaris Vic 3193 – House for Sale #124078874 – realestate.com.au











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