The Fight to save Significant Trees at Beaumaris High School

The major issue with the works at Beaumaris High School is that nobody seems to know exactly what is going on.  This is concerning with the imminent removal of what is now reported to be 229 Trees.

A high level master plan document has been released (in very low resolution) on line, and while this shows quite a lot of vegetation, it does not denote whether it is existing or proposed.  There is a huge difference between a 60 year old Eucalypt and a 2.0m tall sapling that will not provide significant canopy for 5-10 years.


A meeting was held last night with our local State MP, Mr Murray Thompson.  While Mr Thompson was not able to shed any further light on the proposal, he did provide a direction for the community to follow.

There is obviously a lot of passion and emotion enveloped in this debate and it is important that the community maintains a logical and succinct way forward, using thoughtful argument as to the environmental and social significance of the site.


To that end, Mr Thompson has requested that the Premier, the Minister for Education and representatives of the Victorian School Building Authority attend a meeting this Thursday at 5.00pm.  There we hope to gain access to more detailed documentation of the proposal, including an arborist report on the health of the existing trees.

An important note is that this is not an argument against construction of a new school.  This new campus has been the result of many hours of hard work by the local community and is a great result for the site.

The issue is that there has been no documentation provided as to what vegetation is being retained and removed.  Such plans must exist (or should exist) in order for contractors to start removing trees on Monday (24/10/16).

What we are asking for is an immediate STOP to any works proposed for Monday and an opportunity to discuss the proposal details and evaluate why such measures are proposed and how the design can better accommodate the existing trees.

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