Little by little | A garden update

It’s taking time, but slowly our new garden is beginning to show signs that it can be a good complement to our 1960s home.


When we moved in the entry and driveway were overgrown with weedy plants and the gates were off their hinges.

3rd Feb 365

You can just see to the left of the photo above that we have a tall palm tree against our balcony.  The base of this disappeared amoungst a mess of Plumbago, Ligustrum and a Wistera which required taming.

Other plants such as Agapanthus (an environmental weed), Diosma, Camellia and suckering tea-tree dominated the entry.

3rd Feb 366

The entire front garden needs a birthday but we felt that by fixing the entry and driveway, it would go a long way to improving how the house looked from the street.

So now the gates have new (heavy duty) posts to support them and we have been able to clean up the garden beds to either side.


We removed the old rock border and have put our stock of bluestone pitchers to work as a solid garden edge.


A trip to the nursery rewarded us with some great natives and our new plantings include low growing Correa ‘Dusky Bells’, Lomandra ‘Little Con’, Banksia and Grevillea.


We have also included some great indigenous ground covers, Chrysocephalum (Common Everlasting or Yellow Buttons) which provide stunning colour with their small yellow flowers.

IMG_6841 (1)

The main bed features a favorite of my wife, a Brachychiton or Bottle Tree which will provide a great focal point when its trunk grows and swells!  Our fence is quite unique, so it is great to have cleared the rubbish in front and let it be seen.

The edging and planting from the front continues past the gates and up the side of the driveway to our carport.  At first it appeared to be a huge undertaking to get rid of the overgrown plants, climbers and weeds from down the side of the driveway, but we got stuck in with our trusty (and worn) secateurs, axe and spade and it was surprising how quickly we could clear it out.


The new line of bluestone really finishes off the garden bed and creates a great edge to the driveway.  You can now the trunk of our palm tree and it is quite a feature next to our narrow carport / balcony posts.  Some taller Bower Wattles (Acacia cognata) will grow to create a green backdrop along the fence while the native groundcovers and strappy grasses provide the interest and colour to the front.


There are a couple of really nice Tree Ferns (Dicksonia antarctica) between our carport and the fence which are now free to be the focal plants they should be and we also discovered a few large rocks beneath all the weeds!

It really has made a great improvement to the look of our house, however and while the rest of the front garden still needs some love, we are getting there.

All of this work keeps me thinking of this great ad.  Maybe we need a Victa!

Victa Mower Ad - Australian Women's Weekly, November 1956
Victa Mower Ad – Australian Women’s Weekly, November 1956