Auction Day and Saying Goodbye to our Midcentury Home

You may have noticed a quiet couple of weeks on the Grass-trees blog.  That is because we are selling our amazing Beaumaris home and have just been through four weeks of anxiety!

The response to our home has been quite amazing and it has been wonderful to receive compliments throughout the MCM network and especially from highly regarded members Secret Design Studio and Modernist Australia!


So after 7 Open for Inspections….. Wow. Only seven?  It has seemed like so many more than that!!!

After seven open for inspections, we are on the eve of our big Auction day.


This has been the most stressful thing that I have ever been a part of.  I’m generally not prone to anxiety, but presenting our home to strangers in an effort to sell it has really done me in.

We’ve sold before, but that was before our beautiful son came along and believe me a 1 year old does not always co-operate with imminent OFI timetables!

auction4So there you have it.  We are passing the home of Australian Modernist Landscapes over to a new owner and are on the brink of a new stage of our life and our next landscape project!

Fingers crossed for the big day!