Feature plant | Correa ‘Dusky Bells’

Correas are looking great at this time of year in Melbourne!

Correa reflexa 'Dusky Bells'
This one sits next to our driveway and is absolutely neglected. It is thriving though and is full of the small bell shaped flowers that Correas are known for.

This variety is Correa reflexa ‘Dusky Bells’ which is a cultivated form of the locally indigenous Common Correa. It has a more prostrate growth and is ideal as a low growing filler plant throughout the garden.

Perfect for your mid-century bush garden!


3 thoughts on “Feature plant | Correa ‘Dusky Bells’

    1. Maybe I should rephrase that!

      ‘…next to our driveway and is a plant that I have absolutely neglected!’

      Our amazing garden is definitely due to the hard work of my wife!


  1. We have a stunning one too Jas just near the beautiful grass tree you guys gave me- also quite neglected ! Love them !


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