There’s hope afterall | Life for a MCM classic

A quick post today, off the back of a phone call I just had.

The agent for this home at 506 Balcombe Road Beaumaris just called as a follow up to my attendance at the OFI.  While I told him that I wasn’t interested in buying (just in the style and quality of the home) I did manage to engage him in a quick chat about the property’s future.


With such a great position and views, this property appeared doomed to destruction and McMansionification.  However, it appears that there are a couple of very interested buyers and that all are keen to keep this beautiful home!


He was pretty sure that the home would be sold by tomorrow, so one lucky buyer is about to secure themselves a Beauie classic and this MCM story is looking forward to a happy ending!


4 thoughts on “There’s hope afterall | Life for a MCM classic

  1. Yay, that’s awesome news!

    p.s. our last house, a modernist gem had an original kidney-shaped pool (and change rooms!)

    (just wish we still owned it – unfortunately had to move closer to the ‘big smoke’ and now live in an ex-corner shop. 1920’s. Nice enough, but sadly not our dream home)


    1. It is great news as so many of these homes get demolished these days.

      You can’t beat a kidney shaped pool can you?! I’m sorry that you had to move on but I’m sure that there is plenty of beauty in your 1920s home!


    1. You would be surprised Cally. There are plenty of affordable MCM homes out there. You just might have to be willing to do some work on them! Many people are put off by the idea of having to paint or repair gutters, etc, but it can be really worthwhile!


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