Humbled but most definitely ‘Mad about Melbourne’s mid-century homes’ | via

Today started like many others, a regular Monday morning – my wife and I got the little guy up and about for his day, we squeezed in some breakfast of our own, made sure the pets were fed, got the chooks up and made sure they had plenty of water for a hot day in Melbourne.

A few tasks to do in the office and check some news and posts in the MCM world with my morning coffee.

So I was totally blown away to be reading this article by Jenny Brown on Domain and to see my blog mentioned!

Mad about Melbourne’s mid-century homes

“It seems if you are into mid-century residential, it becomes a one-eyed interest of aesthetic and academic fever. Several local websites such as Grass-trees and Butterfly Chairs, and Secret Design Studio, have alerts to upcoming auctions or houses under threat.”

All I can say is…… Wow.

I am quite stunned and humbled to be mentioned in the same arena as Secret Design Studio and Fiona Austin and am so glad that my random thoughts and flagging of MCM properties has gained some interest!  Needless to say that yesterday saw the most visits to Grass-trees & Butterfly Chairs ever!

So a huge thank you to anyone who has read my articles and please come back for more!

You can read the article here on Domain – Mad about Melbourne’s mid-century homes.


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