6 Inspiring Midcentury Australian Homes | via Houzz

Just in case you were starting to feel uninspired by mid-century modern design (as if you were?) here is a great article from Gabrielle Di Stefano at Houzz.

I find Houzz to be a really useful source of design inspiration and a tool that I often use in my landscape design work, along with Pinterest.  These sites are a perfect way to bounce ideas between myself and the client and it really gets them involved in the design process for their garden.

Back to Houzz however, it is also offers an endless array of articles, and while many are USA focused, today’s post features a look at mid-century design in Australia and some homes (and their architects) that are central to the style.

So sit back, click through these great images and follow the link to read where Australian MCM was born!

Read more at: 6 Inspiring Midcentury Australian Homes