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Winter Park is a carefully planned sub-division in the Melbourne suburb of Doncaster featuring the work of landscape architect – Ellis Stones.

Existing natural features greatly influenced both building and landscape design to create a wonderful integration of dwelling and landscape.  So many lessons can be learnt from this thoughtful and logical approach to residential sub-division.

The following are images and extracts from a great article from Assemble Papers on the 1970s sub-division – Winter Park.

“Founders David Yenken and John Ridge busted the dreary template of the rectilinear quarter-acre allotment, to put landscaping on equal footing with contemporary design. Architect Graeme Gunn, with landscape architect Ellis Stones, were engaged to demonstrate this new typology; commonly referred to as cluster housing.”

“The houses’ roofs peek from behind native bush; shrubs of banksia, Peppermint Gum and soaring eucalypts affectively camouflage this innovative housing subdivision.”

“Further to integrating dwelling and landscape, this new housing typology placed equal importance on building orientation, plan and materiality.”

“The materials are robust, with an earthiness complementary to the gardens. The hard landscaping is characterised by an assimilation of materials, with rocks, timber edges and sleepers placed to bleed into the established Australian natives and remanent bush at the property’s rear.”

Read more at: WINTER PARK: SUBURBAN NATURE | Assemble Papers.


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