Sometimes it is the simplicity and practicality of mid-century modern gardens that make them so appealing.

It may be apparent that many of my posts feature properties that are on the market.  This is quite simply that keeping an eye on local real estate has become a bit of a hobby.  Not that I am looking to buy, but the Melbourne real estate market is such an amazing source of mid-century modern gems!

This family home in Beaumaris has been retained in practically its original condition both inside and out.  It presents itself as a wonderful example of the Australian mid-century bush garden (for more on bush gardens please read my post Australian Native Plants and the Bush Garden Style).

The front boundary and driveway entrance features wonderful bluestone retaining walls while the driveway itself is a simple brick pavement using a basketweave pattern.

This pavement style wraps right around the home creating a simple theme for the whole garden.

Wide garden beds border the pavement and the planting features beautiful remnant Coastal Tea-tree (Leptospermum laevigatum) underplanted with native grasses and low shrubs.  The appearance of the garden beds is that of a natural untouched coastal heathland (which is the indigenous character of the Beaumaris area) and is a great screen that hides neighbouring properties.

The rear garden consists of a lawn area bordered with more Tea-tree and native planting.  The brick paving continues as a path to the shed and forms a clean edge for the lawn.

Typically of a Mid-century modern home, the living area windows are floor to ceiling which provide great views of the garden, allow in plenty of light and create a connection between the internal and external spaces.

Finally, the boundaries are defined by tea-tree brush fencing.  This natural material recedes behind the planting and creates the perfect backdrop to the garden spaces.

The detailing of this home is fantastic, especially the timber panelling to the study!

At last check, this home was still on the market.  But you had better move fast if you are interested!

So what can be learnt from this home?

  1. Large windows throughout the home connect the interior and exterior spaces.
  2. A simple palette of materials is used with bluestone for the front walls and bricks used throughout as a pavement around the entire garden.
  3. The rear lawn is a practical space with clean, neat edging.
  4. The planting is a dominant and constant feature that recreates the local native character, with the use of local Tea-tree, grasses and groundcovers.
  5. Natural fencing material recedes behind the garden spaces as the perfect backdrop.


For more information on this house and garden please visit the following: – 21 Clonmore Street Beaumaris

The Next Step

If you have a home and garden that you think could be improved through a thoughtful approach to modernist design then please contact me and we can begin the process!



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