How to build a Tea Tree fence…

Research for a current project for a client in Kyneton led me to OzNative Architectural Bush Products.

One of the more iconic fencing materials of an Australian modernist garden in my opinion, is the Tea-Tree fence. Rather than the manufactured brush fencing that is seen today, a proper Tea-tree fence uses 20 to 40mm diameter sticks and looks amazing.

I am excited by the Kyneton project and to work alongside Secret Design Studio ( to achieve a great result for the client and their mid-century modern home!

OzNative Architectural Bush Products

Tea Tree fencing can add immediate appeal to any entertainment space with its rough texture and hanging bark it is unique in its appearance. Favoured by Architects, Designers and Developers looking for something different, Tea Tree fencing and screens can create a magical natural ambience to any entertainment area.

Tea Tree sticks available for fencing, screens, pergolas and general building range in sizes from 20mm to 40mm in diameter. Each bundle contains enough sticks for 1 metre of fencing. The Tea Tree sticks are cut and bundled in lengths of 1.8m only.


Tea Tree fencing and screens are constructed with posts spaced at 2.4m and three rails per 1.8m in height. 100 x 100mm timber posts or 50mm steel posts can be used to support the structure.

Bolt the rails to the posts using galvanised bolts. Two rails will be needed for fences and screens up to 900mm. Three…

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