Rethinking Modernist Landscapes

Today’s post features an extremely creative landscape approach to complement additions to a mid century home.

In the Melbourne suburb of Kew, which is known for its wonderful array of modernist architecture, this home was originally designed in the 1970s by Roy Colomb.

The Melbourne architecture firm of Baracco & Wright have completed various alterations to the home while maintaining the integrity of the original design.

This last alteration features a dramatic inclusion of a new garage which is blended into the front garden through the creation of a wedged, mounded garden bed of Australian natives.

The old driveway (to the right of the new garage seen above) has now become a landscaped feature entry to the home.

Behind this planting and above the garage is now a secluded terrace that links directly to the living areas of the home.

While this design is quite unusual, I believe it works extremely well in providing for the client’s contemporary lifestyle while retaining the mid-century character of the home.

The designers have approached this project from a different direction and it even involved working with the neighbouring property and integrating their front yard into the planted wedge.

What do you think?

Is this project a good solution to a mid century modern alteration?


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4 thoughts on “Rethinking Modernist Landscapes

  1. This is fantastic Jason, so clever and not quite unobtrusive but somehow appropriate and much better than the clear fell approach so much of our re- development takes!! Thanks Jason for the blog I love learning about the modernist style which of course I am familiar with, but now appreciating on a different level.


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