Welcome to Grass-trees and Butterfly Chairs

Why ‘Grass-trees & Butterfly Chairs’?

Well it is a bit easier to say than ‘Xanthorrhoeas & BKF Chairs’ for a start!

The real reason though, is that you could possibly not find two more iconic images of Australian mid-century modern landscapes.  The Grass-tree (Xanthorrhoea sp.) is an Australian native that is instantly the focal plant of any garden.

Grass-trees at The Australian Garden Cranbourne
Grass-trees at The Australian Garden, Cranbourne Victoria – http://www.gardeninginaustralia.com

The Butterfly Chair, officially the BKF Chair (after its designers Bonet, Kurchan and Ferrari Hardoy) is the ultimate in modernist garden furniture design and is an ever-present image in both mid-century and contemporary advertising and design.

Butterfly Chairs (BKF Chairs) at the Rose Seidler House (Image by Justin Mackintosh)

Through this blog it is my aim to provide a regular insight into the elements that make up modernist landscape design, by investigating the history of modernist design, the gardens of iconic modernist homes and also gardens that retain the style today throughout the suburbs of Melbourne.

As a landscape architect, I believe that the key elements of modernist design still provide the basis for quality and functional design solutions today and I hope that some benefits can be obtained through my research and commentary.

Please feel free to provide your own thoughts or ideas!


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